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どこを走る? リリー

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どこを走る? リリー





「これなら かわのうえを はしれるね!」ととても嬉しそう。年長さんのYくんと一緒にさらに鉄橋を長くして道路を作り、街並みを再現して遊んでいました。

K-kun loves vehicles.

He was playing with a car on a light blue cloth that looked like water. The caregiver then asked, "Can a car run on water?
Where does it run? He then asked, "Where can it run on the water?
and started to build a road on the river that looked like a railroad bridge.

They looked very happy and said, "With this, we can ride on the river! He looked very happy.
Together with Mr. Y, an older boy, they made the bridge even longer and built a road, recreating a cityscape.

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